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Ana Sequeira


I work within the NHS as an Occupational Therapist in the community. My role is to enable and support people to be more independent in their daily lives through a programme of assessment and interventions in a rehabilitative approach. My holistic assessment will enable patients to gain control of their health and well-being using interventions such as fatigue, pain and anxiety management, as well as using compensatory methods, such as taught biomechanical techniques, aids and adaptations.


Additionally as a specialist OT my role is in clinical supervision with staff, mentorship and education for students and therapy staff as well as helping with the changing needs of an evolving service. My skills lie in problem solving, communication, conflict resolution, creativity and huge amounts of fun, laughter, respect and love. I have a specialist interest in neurological conditions, fibromyalgia, falls prevention and community medicine.

Besides this I create goddess, spiritual and nature based paintings and outdoor art.
I love nothing more than having fun, usually in nature, often with other nature loving people jumping in rivers and lakes and walking barefoot, I love to dye my hair multiple different colours and embrace the beauty of life in everything I do.

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