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Hatti Burt


Are you feeling called to align more with your true self and feel a deep soul connection to yourself, the world around you and your path ahead? If so, get in touch!

I’m Hatti and I feel truly grateful to have found the gift of working with vibrational essences for the past 8 years. This magical and gentle way of healing has transformed my life and I feel great fulfillment to share it with others too.

There are many energies in our natural world that have not been tapped into for healing purposes and the world of vibrational essences (flower, plant, crystal, environmental and other) is a magical tool, which I believe our world truly needs right now.

Bringing healing essences in to your life can encourage a life of deeper love, freedom, health, vitality, trust in yourself and alignment on all levels. It also helps you connect to the natural world more as well as bringing relationships and situations into your life that align more with your soul on a deep level.

It is my deep belief in freedom and that we are all here to find and follow a path that truly makes our hearts and souls sing, that guides my work. I am always committed to finding new ways we can ultimately heal and nurture our true selves and live healthy,
happy and free lives.

I stand strong in my own values of LOVE over fear and TRUST over control.

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