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Welcome to OurHealth

Our Community was born out of Our Health as it was so clear that living a healthy and happy life was enhanced through a loving and strong community.


At a time where health was being viewed as one size fits all, the need to discover and talk about broader approaches to nurturing and strengthening our own health became apparent.


Our Health is a place where we can share information and ideas on how to oprimize our general health as well as approaching a specific health concern from a myriad of alternative options.


Within that, the bedrock of Our Health is supporting and holding each other as we take full responsibility for our own healthcare choices. It is a journey of discovery that is ours alone. Nobody can journey it for us, but with loving support and a sharing of ideas, we don't have to feel alone along the way.


Our Health's broader perspective on health and wellbeing makes it the ideal umbrella group for the other "Our" groups as we embrace good food and growing it, as well as enjoying fun and heart filled activities, all that nurture us and lift our spirits. 

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