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Growing your own food is deeply nourishing on so many levels. Freshly grown fruit and vegetables, happily reared livestock and wild foraged food have the obvious direct health benefits when we consume them but we also get improved wellbeing and strengthened immune systems by having a more active life and just by being out in nature.

The OurFood group invites you to start discovering the joy of providing for some of your food needs whether you have acres, a pocket handkerchief garden or a window box. Even if you have nowhere to put a plantpot there are community gardens and people with land, but no time, who would welcome some help in exchange for produce.

We have a local veg box scheme and community growing initiative.

If you would like to learn more about or wish to sign up to the fruit and veg box scheme please contact Jackie on 07862 058 379.  We hope to start community growing also in the near future.

Come join for a cuppa and cake at the regular Organic Veg event on alternative Saturdays.

14th and 28th May - 9am-12pm at Lindale Village Hall

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