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Rebecca Darbishire


My journey began as a child, growing up with artistic parents and sister in our idyllic farmhouse and small-holding surrounded by a magical garden, fields and hills of hawthorne, rowan, elder, oak, birch and hazelnut trees. We were taught from a very early age to be thankful for all mother nature created, and only picked what we would consume, leaving fruits and nuts for the birds and wildlife.  My parents introduced us to many healers, which influenced me throughout my life. Teaching us to honour ourselves, see the magic within and surrounding us. 


I began practicing meditation and chanting with my parents, and developed my love of wild flowers, whilst sitting next to my artist father as he taught me to paint. My mother who has always been a writer of music and now also a poet, taught me the importance of feeling, listening and how to express our joys, pains and journeys.


All my life I have enjoyed developing my skills in tinctures, touch, through massage and energy movement, magical ceremonies and honouring who we are. My greatest happiness is helping people be the best version of themselves and helping them to heal. 


Through my own personal experiences I have found that Shamanic healing is an invitation to come back to ourselves into balance, wholeness and to live a more fulfilling, joyful and purposeful life. It supports our own personal development and empowerment and guides us back to our true nature. This can be measured by a sense of inner peace and contentment with life.

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