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Our Health Talks and Workshops

Save the dates for these upcoming talks at the FELLSIDE CENTRE, KENDAL on Saturdays, 10-12

July 2nd

How Shamanism can help us. Journeying, drumming and grounding for stress management with Rebecca.


July 9th

Alternative perspectives conversation on The Teeth. 


July 16th

Plasma generators with John Cain. 

A former instructor at the Mehran Keshe institute (guardian of Tesler technology) John will show us his plasma generator invention for pain relief which harnesses higher level energy to transmit to the body. 

Other topics include:

Geometry,  copper, the fraction of possibilities,  DNA signature, releasing ancestral and blood line trauma, the purpose of illness. A lecturer of international repute,  we are delighted to welcome John. 


July 23rd

Garuth Chalmont - Dementia Pioneers 

Garuth is passionate about Dementia prevention and even reversal.

Heavy metals detox, nutrient deficiency and lack of cognitive stimulation,  positivity and joy.

Garuth wants to work with anybody who believes that change is possible. 


July 30th

Breathwork and Wim Hoff breathing technique with Emma. 

Emma teaches this all over the world and she kindly offered to share this technique with us whilst she is here in the UK.


August 6th 

Epigenetics and genome nutritional medicine with Wendy Richards. 

Wendy is Keen to share an exciting new development in this field with us. Epigenetics can now be accessed as a group which should now make the cost accessible to more people for the first time.  


August 13th

Mental health with our very own Brian Crossland who has been a mental health professional in the NHS for many years and now is working privately.  


We are also excited to offer monthly Skills Sharing workshops taking place on Saturday mornings from 10:00 - 12.00 in the Windermere Yurt. Please check back for calendar updates.


These are offered as free events to pass on skills from amazing practitioners within Our Community that will help support your health and well-being. 


These will be for small groups of about 8. To book a place please contact or by private message on Telegram. 🌺

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